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A NEW ABUSE BY JUGENDAMT – Relocating the boys to another city far away from home

Dear friends,

Today, unfortunately, we must communicate heartbreaking news about the situation of the Furdui children.

After the last trial (3/21/2022) which lasted almost seven hours, in which the Jugendamt was represented by six – SIX! – people who fought to convince the judge that there can be no return for the Furdui children and that family reunification is not good for the children, the family’s lawyers gave an interview to the local newspaper Walsroder Zeitung in which the following statements were made:

“Thomas Lasthaus says that two daughters, ages 13 and 14, could return to their parents. Two related applications for parental assistance and family support were already submitted on March 22. Lasthaus starts from the premise that nothing prevents the girls from returning home. For the other five children, more generous contact rights had been agreed.”

Following the trial, we were happy to read the lawyers’ statements which said that besides the return of the two girls, the meetings with the other five children will be generous and we will go towards the reunification of the family step by step.

But the ideology of the Jugendamt workers is that these children should be happy away from their families, even though the reality is quite the opposite. All the evidence shows that these children are traumatized by their extended separation from each other, their parents, and their family environment. The Furdui children cry themselves to sleep, and the only thing that keeps them going is the hope that they will return home soon.

We don’t know if the lawyers didn’t understand or if the Jugendamt changed the plans, but the current situation is as follows: after the trial there was no meeting with the whole family, little Lea no longer meets with her siblings in any form, the parents see her less often now (once every two weeks), and Ruben and Albert have been moved to another location away from Walsrode.

As their older brothers have confirmed, Ruben and Albert would fall asleep every night weeping over the fact that they will not be able to stay with their classmates and will not be able to visit their home anymore, even for just a few minutes.

Even at school, the sadness of the Furdui children was noticed by teachers and schoolmates; they would often cry at school. But the Jugendamt staff set up a meeting with the teachers to try to convince them that Ruben and Albert would be happy in their public institution placement if they did not see their parents and siblings anymore. Instead of taking the children’s pain and desire into account, Jugendamt attempts to convince everyone that their actions are good. Although it is obvious to everyone that their actions are evil, they do not want to see the reality.

Their ideology tells them that children should be happy away from their parents, and so they try at any cost to make the children forget their family and the love of their parents and siblings, even if they destroy the children in the process. They want to break their will and desire to be happy. They want to see them resigned, giving up any dream in life, not caring if they later become addicted to substances that are accessible to them in their public institution, or if they become rebellious, frustrated, or disoriented, not knowing what to do with life.

We ask not only for your prayers but also for your active support of the Furdui children, especially Ruben and Albert who are now paralyzed by suffering and helplessness, seeing that neither their parents nor their lawyers could get them out of the custody of the Jugendamt.

We will return in the next few days to present how from day one the Jugendamt Heidekreis has attempted to convince the judge that these children are happier away from home and that they are doing better since they have been placed at the public institution. But there are statements in the file prior to 4/26/2021 which show that the reality was completely different.

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