Informaţii suplimentare


The Furdui family is a Romanian family that has lived in Walsrode, Germany for nine years. The family has 7 children: David – 16 years old, Naomi – 15 years old, Esther – 13 years old, Natalia – 12 years old, Ruben – 11 years old, Albert – 9 years old and Lea – 1 year old. Petru works in the field of installations and interior design, and Camelia is a housewife, dedicating all her time to caring for and raising children.

They lived happily, in the spirit of Christian principles, with respect and love for God and their fellow human beings, providing a balanced, educated, and well-mannered family, free from abuse or excess.

On April 26, 2021, the German state, through the child protection institution- JUGENDAMT, confiscated their children without notice and without a social investigation. Everything took place quickly, abusively, WITHOUT A RIGHT OF DEFENSE OR PROTEST. Around noon, two people came from the Jugendamt and picked up the 4 children who were at home at that time, including the one-year-old girl, telling the parents that the other 3 children would be taken directly from school.

At this moment, the children are unjustifiably kept in two different children care facilities, and the little girl in a surrogate family. The children expressed in various ways the desire to come home and be with their parents, but this is not taken into consideration.

JUGENDAMT did not offer parents any help or advice on what should be improved in the relationship between parents and children. It does not provide any support in the direction of family reunification. On the contrary, it tries in every way to keep the children away from their parents.

Until now, some aspects of the whole procedure of confiscation of the seven children are not clear and explainable. The extreme and abusive authority of the Jugendamt is shown by the lack of evidence of physical or mental abuse by parents before or after taking the children, poor care of little Lea in the surrogate family (she is often bruised on the body), pressure on parents to tell their children not to think about home anymore and pressure on children to get used to the home, the lack of measures and a plan for family reunification, and pressure on parents not to make the situation public.