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ABOUT Furdui Family

They lived happily, in the spirit of Christian principles, with respect and love for God and their fellow human beings, being a balanced, educated, well-mannered family, free from abuse or excess.

On April 26, 2021 the German state, through the child protection institution, JUGENDAMT, confiscated their children without notice and without a social investigation. Everything took place quickly, abusively – WITHOUT A RIGHT OF DEFENSE OR PROTEST. Around noon, two people came from the Jugendamt and picked up the 4 children who were at home at that time, including the one-year-old baby, telling the parents that the other 3 children would be taken directly from school.


Our dear ones, we are writing this message with the hope that we will see God’s hand working in a powerful way for His children. We bring before you two faithful parents, Camelia and Petru Furdui, to whom the children that God has given them have been rapidly taken away from them. The names of their beloved children are David, Naomi, Esther, Natalia, Ruben, Albert and Leah.

They currently live in Walsrode, Germany, where they lived in peace until April 26, 2021. That day marked the beginning of a radical change in their lives.

JUGENDAMT, the German Child Protection Service, abducted the seven children from their parents’ arms without a court order or prior notice.

Peter and Camelia are now in a fierce battle and are constantly trying to reunite their family. The battle is primarily spiritual (and in this regard we call on your support in prayer), but it is also difficult from a financial point of view. This case involves lawyers, advice in several areas and many other administrative expenses. This turned into something far beyond their power.

We believe wholeheartedly in the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ that He will be with all of us. He will not only be with Peter, Camelia and their seven children, but also with all those who will support this cause. May our Lord Jesus bless you all, may He give you His peace. May He take care of you, but more importantly, may He protect our children, our special gifts from the Lord.

At this moment, we remain sensitive to this intense situation and to the pain of the Furdui family. We would like to show our support and love for the family.

This GoFundMe fundraiser was created in the hope of helping the Furdui family financially, so that they can bring their seven children home.

Any amount you donate will be a direct contribution to supporting the family and covering expenses during the complicated legal process.

We really appreciate your involvement. God bless you!


Extended Furdui Family and Support Team