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Dear supporters of the Furdui family,

Dear supporters of the Furdui family,

Dear good people everywhere,

Following the negative development of the Furdui case and seeing that the Jugendamt Heidekreis continues to destroy the lives of the children and the family, we have decided to make available to the public documents and information from the file attesting to the abusive and malicious manner in which the Jugendamt Heidekreis acted and continues to act.

For a year we have witnessed the court and various authorities being presented with false data based on ideology and not at all on reality. We have in our possession most of the documents in the file, we know the abusive actions of the Jugendamt, and we will present them as they have unfolded so that you, Romanian and German citizen, along with all other nationalities, can judge whether the destructive actions of Jugendamt employees are directed towards the supreme good of the children or something else entirely.

We have made this decision after witnessing Jugendamt employees presenting their actions to the world as righteous and benevolent towards the Furdui children. As in Andersen’s fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” the Jugendamt is pretending they can see something beautiful where there is, in fact, nothing at all. However, the Furdui children, like the innocent child in the folktale, have the courage to shout the truth.

As you read the documents and the presentation of the events, you can decide for yourselves if you believe and tolerate the masquerade of the Jugendamt or if you will take a stance for the truth and for the future of the children.

On April 26 2021, Jugendamt employees come unannounced to the home of the Furdui family and inform the parents Camelia and Petru that all seven children will be taken, at that very moment, in the custody of the child protection service.

Without any explanation, the children are put in Jugendamt cars, taken to a supermarket parking lot, separated, and placed in children’s homes. Little Lea, crying, is torn from Natalia’s arms and taken to an unknown foster family.

The parents are left in a state of shock with a business card in hand. Nobody answers the phone number on the business card over the next few days.

In desperation, on the morning of April 28, approximately 40 hours after the abusive intervention of the Jugendamt, the parents send an email to the email address on the business card requesting a telephone conversation, asking to be able to see at least little Lea.

They express their full cooperation with the Jugendamt and ask for help and an action plan to reunite the family.

Jugendamt never responded to this email! They were not interested in communicating with the Furdui family. Not only did they not respond, but at no time did they propose a plan to resolve this case, to help in any way, or to reunite the family. Their only action was to destroy and remove the children from their parents and each other.

According to § 1666 and § 1666a of the German Civil Code, the removal of children from the family is done only if there is an acute risk to the well-being of the children and the parents do not cooperate for the removal thereof. In any case, the Furdui children were not in a situation of acute risk, and the discussion with their parents never existed.

At the same time, according to Article 42 of the Social Welfare Act, the Jugendamt was obliged to provide the children, without delay, with the possibility of communication with a reliable person immediately after their removal from the family – which the Jugendamt failed to do in violation of the law.

Also, according to national laws and international treaties, it is illegal to take children into the custody of child protection authorities without drawing up a family reunification plan or providing parental support to correct the alleged irregularities.

The abuses of the Jugendamt Heidekreis started from day one of their intervention in the Furdui family and continue to today, as we will present to you factually and chronologically the events of the past year. No man or institution of good faith can act in this way!

On Friday, April 29, we will present new documents and information.

Below is the e-mail that Camelia and Petru Furdui sent to the Jugendamt Heidekreis official responsible for their case.


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