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Lea Furdui – A child whom the German “protection” system wants to remodel for the interest of others.
Looking over photos of my niece, Lea-Veronica, I thought about what a wonderful child she is!
After a difficult pregnancy, with medical complications, this baby arrived as a great miracle.
She was a special gift, being the seventh child in the family, her mother also being the seventh child in her own family.That is why, along with the name of Lea, she also bears the name of her grandmother, Veronica.
In one photograph from the beginning of 2021, Camelia wrote: “My great desire is that in 2021 the two Veronicas can meet.” She thought that the only thing standing in the way was the pandemic. She did not know that another predator, with sharpened claws, was preparing to attack.
A child raised well, with love, happy, cared for, and with unique abilities will have gone through the trauma of being separated from every person she knew, most profoundly from her mother, with the goal of then being remodelled. The plan was for this tender child to become attached to other people who are being paid to care for her, to attach to a surrogate mother, a woman who did not feel the first movements in the womb, did not sing to her nor love her from the first moment. She will never love her like a mother.
The mother who gave her life and the family in which she grew up until the age of 1 year and three months stand by helplessly while people with petty interests, with titles of specialists of all sorts but with a Marxist ideology, now say that “this child has developed since she has been with us.”
They have no clue about the emotional and spiritual richness that this child has enjoyed in her large family. Nor do they know how quickly a young child can learn skills from her older siblings. Those who have lived through it or read about it know that a child learns faster from other children than from adults.
But the all-knowing people from Jugendamt are surprised, like mindless people, at how this child knows so many things and has such a strong will. For example, she wants to take the laundry out of the basket. When she was home, she would be upset if her mother didn’t wait for her to help with hanging the clothes, as she would hand her the garments one by one. She liked music and was delighted to create her own “melodies.” She would look at her older sisters and she too wanted to fold and put away clothes in the wardrobe. Because of her older brothers, she had other types of stimulation, which an only child would never have.
These are the riches of a large family. No, it is not a disadvantage. On the contrary, it is a great wealth. Only those raised in a big family can know these things.
And now some strangers with a narrow mind enjoy Lea and at the same time are astonished at how a child from a large family can be so well developed. At the same time, they are happy that they found a good prey that they can exploit.
I hope with all my heart that God will protect this child and will not allow her to be destroyed by Jugendamt. Let us pray that little Lea will be returned to her mother.

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