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Ruben Furdui’s letter to the judge in the case

Jugendamt Heidekreis – childhood killer

Ruben Furdui’s letter to the judge in the case

One year ago, the Jugendamt Heidekreis took Ruben and Albert out of the family because the official in charge and her colleagues felt, without knowing the family, that they were in danger at home because their parents were religious and would raise their children inappropriately.

At first, the children were calm and confident that they would return home in a few days, as they had been told. It’s just that the days have turned into months, and Ruben and Albert started to get more and more worried that the Jugendamt lied to them and still wouldn’t let them go home.

They were manipulated with ideas such as: home is dangerous for you; it’s better at the institution; and other things that the children found strange. The love of the parents, the family atmosphere, the connection with the brothers and sisters, the stability, the organized life, the connection with the grandparents and relatives, all these were lacking more and more. They experienced firsthand that life away from family is hard and ugly.

The months passed and they became increasingly desperate, seeing that they were not allowed to go home yet. They learned that a trial was underway in which the judge would finally decide whether or not they would return home. Ruben, being older, sent a letter to the court expressing his despair and desire to go home.

The case judge was disturbed by this letter, probably believing that the parents or someone else had Ruben write it. But no one knew about Ruben’s action until the letter appeared in the file.

“Dear Judge,

So much time has passed and it still hasn’t been decided if we’re allowed to go home. I miss home and things cannot remain this way. I want to go home to enjoy my life. I don’t want to live in an institution.

At home I have many more beautiful memories than bad memories. I feel better at home, and if I am not allowed to go home, I will run very far away, and if I die on the road it is not my fault because I was not allowed to go home.

Sincerely, Ruben”

Reuben and his siblings believed that at the trial they would decide to allow them to return home. But there, the Jugendamt proved that it never considered family reunification.

In an unprofessional manner, they ignored everything that this year meant for children and parents, ignored the requests and efforts of the parents to collaborate, to take countless parenting courses because, as always, they wanted nothing more than to see their children happy. They ignored the children’s abilities and their insistent desire to go home. They tried to manipulate and use them for their own purposes and interests, which were nothing more than for them to remain in the Jugendamt system.

Jugendamt Heidekreis decided that the children’s desire to go home must be completely broken and that they must apply methods to reset and totally destroy their entire childhoods as well as their beautiful dream to be a family. Thus they decided to move the boys 90 km from Walsrode, without the possibility of being able to see their siblings, without permission to interact with their parents or to see them for a long time. This is the Jugendamt handbook on destroying family ties and, implicitly, childhood as a whole.

The tens of thousands of euros that enter the Jugendamt receives every month for these children are much more important than their lives. Where, pray tell, does this money go?

Ms. Director of Jugendamt, as the head of this institution, are you not concerned about the destructive actions that you are coordinating? Does your ideology not have a shred of humanity and respect for the beauty and values of the family? Who is behind the ideology you are applying?

Judge, please explain what is a child’s well-being and what is a child’s right to family and parents. Explain the part about how it is not allowed to separated brothers and sisters from each other. What about human rights? What about the mother tongue and religion that every child is entitled to according to the environment in which he or she grew up? And what about the part that says “unless the parents do not collaborate”?

The Judge shares the same measure of ignorance and complicity, having all this time the letter by which Ruben ties his life to the freedom to be allowed to go home. For her, the life of a child crying for help is just a piece of paper in a file.

“… I feel better at home, and if I am not allowed to go home, I will run very far away, and if I die on the road it is not my fault …”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Jugendamt Heidekreis, the destroyer of families and innocent children.

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