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Summary of 7 months in a few sentences

Summary of 7 months in a few sentences

During the first month, the shock of separation, tears and unanswered questions took place.

In the second month, the hope of a speedy and fair trial is crushed by the court’s decision to leave the children at the Jugendamt and appoint a psychological evaluator.

In the third month, the children had to face the reality and lost hope that they will have a beautiful summer vacation, which they hoped they would visit their grandparents or that they will be at home together.

In the fourth month, the Jugendamt complains that the parents speak Romanian with the children and obtains the court’s agreement to interrupt the meetings if it happens again. However, the “favor” of speaking Romanian with little Lea is granted.

In the fifth month, children start a new school year with sadness, parents are not allowed to accompany them on the first day of school. At the headmaster’s invitation, the mother still participates in the festive opening of the 5th grade and Ruben makes her happy by waving his hand when he sees her.

In the sixth month there is no sign that the evaluation will be ready soon. Children are told not to think about the house because they will stay at child care facilities for many years.

In the seventh month, the protests multiply, the children take courage, run home secretly, meet each other and their parents.

In the eighth month … hopefully we will be able to write that this nightmare is over. As for us, with God’s help and your solidarity, we will continue to fight for the Furdui family to be reunited.

God have mercy.


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