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The Furdui children are not allowed to meet relatives

The Furdui children are not allowed to meet relatives

The Furdui Family’s children were seized by Jugendamt on April 26, 2021. Six months passed since then, in which aunts and other relatives of the children wanted to visit them and spend time together.

The Jugendamt’s answer has always been either that they are not allowed to meet, or that it will decide at some later time whether they will be allowed to do so. However, it never gave a concrete answer. Throughout summer the Furdui girls said they wanted to be visited by their relatives and be allowed to go out for an ice cream with one of their aunts with whom they had a more special relationship.

None of the officials in charge of the case did anything to fulfill the girls’ wishes. One of the girls also wanted to take a trip and visit her aunt during a recent holiday week. She looked forward to a favorable answer which, however, never came. Her legal guardians did not even bother to entertain such an option or give her an answer.

The children are completely ignored. They feel frustrated and powerless in the state’s custody. Jugendamt has seemingly determined that the children’s’ relationships with the extended family are not good for them. Rather, it seems intent on isolating the children and keeping them in conditions that are worse than in prison.

One of the girls cried a lot when the case manager told her that none of her wishes were good enough to be fulfilled. She wanted to be allowed to visit her younger sister who lives with another surrogate family and to also see her biological parents over the weekend. These natural wishes and feelings of the children Jugendamnt apparently disapproves of and scorns. Like the desire of all children to return home and be reunited with the family. Every child tries in different ways to cope with their longing for their parental home.

We continue to support these wonderful children whom Jugendamnt has victimized, and will continue to expose Jugendamt’s abuses until all children return home to their parents.

God help us!


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