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We are aware that Petru and Camelia Furdui are not the only family whose children have been unlawfully taken by the Jugendamt. In the last eight months I have spoken, heard and read about many other similar cases, families of Germans, Romanians, Italians, Poles and many other nationalities who one day, without any warning, were left without children as a result of the abusive actions of the Jugendamt.

We understand your frustration, your fear, we know that the German system can be overwhelming, but we want your voices to be heard, we want to hear your cases.

We want the abuses that you have experienced from the Jugendamt to be exposed, to come to light and thus, together, to fight for the recovery of our children and the reunification of our families.

We encourage you to write to us at sustinemfamiliafurdui@gmail.com or in a private message on the Facebook page, if possible tell us more details about your situation. Please give us your name, how many children you have, the date of the incident that took place, the Jugendamt abuses that you observed, the methods by which you fought to bring the children back home, and any other information that you consider relevant.

Thank you.
Furdui Initiative Team


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